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By now you’ve probably heard me talk about these crazy “health hacks” a couple of times and you may be wondering what in the heck I am actually referring to when I say that. Well, let’s settle that so that my articles and videos can begin making sense!

A “health hack” is simply an easy to implement strategy to help you live a healthier, purer and more active life; and more often than not, can be implemented that very day with little to no extra effort. It, in effect, is “hacking” your own body, much like a computer hacker will “hack” into a computer. It’s a simple shortcut to better health.

For example, I have posted health hacks about using lemon in your water or maybe adding apple cider vinegar after a couple of meals to aid in digestion. Some may know of them as “tips” or maybe some other terms, but the new-fangled way of saying that has become “hacks.”

So from now on, if you hear me say “health hack,” be sure to listen closely, because it might just be something that can help make your life much, much easier!

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